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Auto advancing to next video (Not Working), version


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After updating to V, My videos will no longer auto advance to the next video when it's over, i just get a spinning circle like the loading circle at the end of the show. I have to close and reopen my browser session.  This is frustrating, is there a way to fix this or a way to downgrade to the last version?



Nick Rodgers

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I mostly use firefox(64.0.2). I currently have a lot of tv shows with multiple seasons on an NAS. Prior to, I could go into a certain show, lets say Paw Patrol since my son watches it 24/7 haha. So i would go into Paw patrol and click play then when one episode was over it would automatically advance to the next episode and play it and it would do this until all videos under Paw Patrol were watched.


After the update to, I click on Paw Patrol then click play. After the episode i chose is done playing it go's to advance to the the next episode then just shows the loading Circle and never advances. I have to close Firefox then open it to get an other episode to play, then rinse and repeat.


If you need more detail, please ask.



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