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Coverart Missed treatment for Blu-ray Discs.


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I noticed in my Documentary library which is mixed content that two Blu-ray folders did not get the CoverArt treatment while others do. I am running server plus EMC 3.317 and CoverArt Plugin with no changes to any settings.


This folder did not get the treatment, screen shots from the web app plus content details.




Media Info details




Folder that did get the treatment.




Media Info details.




Why did the one that received no treatment has as container = mpegts and the one that received treatment has as container = bluray? The other disc that did not receive a treatment was "Home (2009)". @@ebr if this is too difficult to solve is there a chance to share the template for the BD treatment and then I can customize the primary image where no treatment is applied. Also can you please let me know the pixel size of Width vs, Height so that they will be the same size.




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There's an issue with the upgrade regarding folder rips. try removing it from your library, running a scan, then adding it back.

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OK since it is only two I will do that and see if it works. In the meantime I have modified the artwork but have not tried playback from within EMC.

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Just finished and removing the two Blu-ray folders than scanning the library showed that they have been removed. Adding the two folders again and than scanning added the folders and this time they are correctly identified and correct CoverArt treatment is applied.


Thanks for the tip on  how to correct this difficulty.

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Here is some additional feedback that may help anyone that has this issue. I found another cover without treatment and did the same procedure but omitted a restart after the removal of the folder and then adding and re-scanning the library. It showed the coverart treatment in the web app but not in EMC.


So the procedure for correcting missed scans is this.

1. Remove the folder in question.

2. Rescan the library.

3. Power down the PC / server.

4. Power up the PC / server

5. Add the folder to the library

6. Rescan the library


Done it this way the identification of the folder is correct and the coverart treatment is correct.

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