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WMC Recorded TV Notifications


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I have had email and push notifications set up for a while now for new media added to my Libraries which works great. 


However, since the update to Emby v4 i've started getting notifications for new TV shows recorded by my WMC PC.  I never got these before and can't find where to turn them off if it is possible, is it something in Emby itself or the ServerWMC plugin?  I have many TV shows recording and sometimes get repeats etc so don't want notifications for these.  The folder where my recorded TV is stored is separate to all other libraries and is not added to Emby itself - the only link is the ServerWMC plugin. 


Am I missing something really obvious?



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Thanks @@Luke, if I do that though i'll no longer get notifications for new media added to my manually added libraries though is that right? 


I'm trying to get back to the behavior I had in 3.x, notifications for any media added to any libraries I had added myself but nothing for the ServerWMC plugin, i'm not sure why this has changed in the upgrade to v4?



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