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Wake on LAN (WOL) Issues - won´t work


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Hi Guys,

I have probably found an incompatibility in the WOL protocol of the Emby Android app.


Shortly to my server:

- Debian 9 64Bit (OpenMediaVault 4.0) with Docker Engine

- 1x 1Gbit ETH-Port (ASrock H110M-DVS with RTL8111 NIC)

- Emby as an official docker container


I captured the WoL packages from the Android Emby App  with Wireshark. I noticed that Emby sends only one type of WOL packages. As far as I know, there are some methods which are slightly different for WAN or LAN. To create the packages I use in the example a tool from the Win10 Store (Name: MagicPacket).


I do not want to post any of my MAC addresses here, so I'm just attaching a picture to it, not the pcap


Green Frame: What my WOL tool sends

Purple Area: The specific package that makes my server start.

Red Frame: What the Emby App sends


I also noticed that the Emby app sends a WOL to two MAC addresses, which are not in my network at all.


Although I usually have my server on, but I would like to point out the issue, since Emby should support WoL.




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