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Purchasing & setup advice with LG C7 & Oppo 203 combi


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I was hoping to get some advice here on buying a NAS to use Emby


My current setup:


OPPO UDP-203 (coming in January)


My main purpose is:

  • to stream 4k movies through the OPPO to the LG C7
  • Use the OPPO for transcoding and all the hard work
  • But using Emby for library, browsing and selecting movies
  • However Oppo doesnt support any apps, incl Emby

I have to admit i am a total noob when it comes to this. But after some research i thought of:

Buying a DS218play and install Emby server on that.


My questions are:

  • Will the DS218play suffice for this? As the Oppo should do the transcoding
  • Can i install a client on an Ipad/Iphone for the movie browsing and selection and send it through to the Oppo?
  • And also without Emby doing the transcoding? Only direct play?


Thanks in advance for the help





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How are you going to get the Oppo to do the transcoding if Emby server is running on your NAS?  The server does all the transcoding and then streams it to the client..

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The oppo cannot run an emby client, but it has a dlna client. So you can use the emby's dlna server to serve your media to the oppo. The look and feel is not up to emby team in that case, put the oppo team that designed the dlna client.


The oppo will not do any transcoding, I think you met decoding. Base on the oppo specs, a lot of media should direct play on it. Do you plan to use other clients like ipad, phone, etc?


If you plan to use other client that may require transcoding, the ds218play is not the best choice, but if you are sure you just need direct play, then it should do the job. But it's not really future proof and your needs may change over time.


I don't know if there is a "casting" feature on the oppo. You should use the dlna client instead.

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Based on suggestion i have reconsidered and bought a NAS which is more future proof. The DS918+

It cost a bit more but will give me more flexibility than the 218play

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