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ALAC files are being transcoded in Safari only


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Hey everybody,


I keep my music in FLAC and ALAC (.m4a) files. All devices in my house (a mixture of iOS/Android apps, web clients, Roku) are able to play the FLAC files directly and the same goes for ALAC; except when I use Safari as the web client for some reason. This happens using Safari on MacOS and iOS. 


It would be odd if Apple's own browser didn't support Apple's own audio formats. I did a search to see if I could find a list of audio formats supported by Safari, but I found nothing. 


So is this simply a limitation of Safari? 



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Sorry! I should have mentioned that in the first post. 


Emby Server: (I noticed this behaviour in older versions too)

Server itself: Freenas 11.2 RC1

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Ok, I've done some work for alac in recent months on the upcoming 3.6 so I'm pretty sure this is resolved for the next release, but i will double check and test again. Thanks !

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Nice one Luke, thank you! 


If it helps, I just ran a couple of tests on different browsers and actually found the same thing:

Firefox on MacOS

Firefox on Windows

Edge on Windows


So Safari isn't the only culprit. I'll check the new version when its ready. 

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