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Homscreen - How to make speedier loading and config of menu options


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So seen some posts where people complain about speed of home screen loading, even more obvious on Smart TV apps.


I'd like Movies, TV, Live TV to reduce the number of shows shown under each category thus speeding up the homepages.


It could either be fixed or config options.


For example:


Live TV currently shows 15+ shows (all graphics and loading of them) - reduce to 6

Sports, Kids, News shows 12 - reduce to 6 each 


Television currently shows 18 "Next up" images - reduce to 8

Television shows 12 'Latest Episode" images - reduce to 8


Movies shows "Because you liked...…"  4 times for different titles and each had 8 images to load. Reduce to 2 "because you liked" and 4 titles recommended



  • Also please increase the font size of menu options and category titles and A-Z pickers - they are far too small when on big TV!
  • Also please allow hiding of "Upcoming, Trailers, Favourites, Folders" as config options and ability to set GENRES in television and movies as default view as you already have a server side drop down menu with some other options; simply expanding the menu dropdown options to cater.


Basing this on the LG app and Emby Theatre apps in horizontal home screen layout


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