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Overlapping Settings pages in Settings


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I am using Emby Theater 2.8.1 on a Windows 10 machine and noticed some of the settings pages overlap one another, making configuration difficult to figure out if not impossible. I tried with a different Windows 10 system and got the same results.


Not a bug: The Settings > Display looks fine



Audio page



MadVR Video Player






When I get to one of these broken pages, I have to quit the app to get back to a useable state.

The broken page will continue to draw on top of the home screen.

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What is the build of the latest version? I thought I installed the latest version. 


Maybe the setup.exe doesn't upgrade an old version correctly. I just uninstalled my Emby Theater and will try again. Thanks.




Looks like I need to uninstall the old one.

I now have 3.0.5 running. Thanks!

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