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Is Emby server relying on "Record File Access Time" functionality?


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So, I've been tinkering with my Synology 1813+ lately, regarding it's hibernation of internal HDDs / Volumes and the following setting is defined on a per-volume basis:


"Record File Access Time"


My question is as follows: Does the Emby Server package rely on any form of file access record server-wise?

Currently, I have the "Record File Access Time" on the NAS set to "Daily" and was thinking about switching it to "Never".


I'm specially thinking about the EMBY functions: "Date added behavior for new content" option under "Library - > Advanced" but also "Folder monitoring" being dependant (or not) on this feature.


So, would switching this function to "Never" impact Emby in any way on the above (or others that I didn't list)?




EDIT: Taken from Synology's wiki:


"If volumes are used as replicated targets of Snapshot Replication, the replication performance can be improved by adjusting the settings of Record File Access Time Frequency in the Edit window after volumes are created:

  • Daily: File access time is updated daily or when the file is modified, just like in most operating systems. Some applications' functionalities rely on the precision of file access time. Selecting Daily will impact replication performance but is recommended if you use any of the following functions or applications frequently:
    • Least Recently Access Time in Storage Analyzer
    • SSD Cache Advisor in Storage Manager
    • Any third-party applications that rely on Record File Access Time."
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We don't do anything with the last accessed timestamp.


Thank you very much for the clarification. I will make the switch then.



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