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control jpeg quality for photo playback


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I'm trying to use Emby as a photo browser however I find that the quality of the photos is extremely low in the Android app and the web app when accessed from the Android phone's browser (Firefox)


These are the URLs that I'm seeing and I noticed that the quality factor is too low (40!) (I redacted some sensitive info)


From native app: https://myserver:/emby/Items/ITEMID/Images/Primary?maxWidth=1082&tag=&quality=40

From web app: https://myserver/emby/Items/ITEMID/Images/Primary?maxWidth=1080&tag=&quality=50

I modified the quality variable to 80 and 90 (in the browser URL bar) and found that the quality is much better.


Just like we can control the Video streaming bitrate, I think we should be able to control the photos compression quality as well.


Emby Premiere server version on Linux


Android app is 3.0.21


Thank you

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Thanks for your reply.

If it's too complicated to make it adjustable, having a better default value would be enough - like 80 instead of 40.

Btw, is this currently possible by using the plugin API?

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Where can I edit the jpg value?  Photo quality is downright terrible using Emby Server from Windows to my dlna device too.

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