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moving from DVD rips to MKV


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there is probably a similar question so sorry for the redundance!

I have several hundred movies that are in DVD copy format, I ripped them that way because I like to use the dvd menu to apply subtitles when my wife is watching or to see special features. VLC handles this just fine but I am wanting to use emby more now and streaming this format to my roku has been problematic to say the least.

I hear many say to go to the mkv format and now that I have found that mkv can retain the subtitles and other features I am starting to experiment with that. I downloaded makeMKV and it seems to work pretty good, I just tried it out on "deadpool 2" and it gave me what I wanted, the subtitles and extra features, plus I could strip out all the foreign language stuff.

I do have a question concerning subtitles though. Which is better, more efficient, built in subtitles or external srt's? I did get an external srt from the movie, but emby is not using it.

if external srt's are better, should I delete all the subtitles in the mkv?

also, when playing through chrome it is easy to turn off/on subtitles but when streaming to the roku I did not see a way to do that. Maybe I missed something?

as a side note, I noticed makeMKV had no problems pulling the video out of a copy protected disk, interesting!


thanks for any pointers!

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In terms of efficiency, nothing beats external srt. This way no extraction is required, and pretty much all devices support the plain text subtitle format.

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In terms of efficiency, nothing beats external srt. This way no extraction is required, and pretty much all devices support the plain text subtitle format.

Awesome, thanks!

so how do I get emby to use those, it seems to be ignoring the one in my test case.

Also, should I delete all the sub title tracks in the mkv?

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Deleting the internal ones is up to you. If they are redundant now you may not need them. Please see here to learn how to name your subtitles:




I did read that prior to this post.

so the mkv was named "deadpool 2" so was the srt. It was ignored, at least I thought (I edited the srt and changed one four letter word for another as a test).

In emby there is the subtitles selection drop down box which had four choices "eng default, eng, eng, und"

the "eng default" was playing the built in subtitle, the second, "eng" seemed to play the same one, the third "eng" hung emby. (not sure why there are 3 "english", does one have an alabama accent?)

however the "und" played the srt, I saw my alteration.

so I renamed the srt to "deadpool 2.eng.srt" hoping it would become the default selection, nope.

then I renamed it to "deadpool 2.eng.default.srt" nope again.

so I guess you need to choose "und" to get it to use the external srt? not very intuitive.

thats why I was wondering about taking all the subtitles out of the mkv, maybe that would force emby to use the srt.

I'll give that a try and see what happens.




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That helps :)

I also edited the mkv with mkvtoolnix, removed 2 of the english subtitles and the one that was marked as default I unchecked as default.

now I have two subtitle selections "eng" which is still a built in sub, and "eng default" which is the external srt.

getting really close now!

gonna head over to the roku forum and see why I cant set subtitles or audio tracks when watching on the tv via roku.

I really wish the roku app looked and worked just like the chrome app.


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Have you hit the * button while watching something on your Roku?


Looks like it maybe a firmware issue also.



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