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Live TV search issue


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I've been meaning to ask about this for a while now...


When I search TV shows under "Live TV" - if they are found, they will show up under every category available.


For example, if I search for "Midnight, Texas" which is a TV Series - it shows up under Movies, Episodes, Sports, Kids, News, and Programs. This behavior is not specific to this particular show. If I search "Frontline", same results. This happens on any client I use.


I am running Version of Emby. Are others seeing this behavior, or is this a bug in my install? (I've not installed from scratch for a VERY long time...)


I see postings for Search causing performance issues, but not issues with what it actually returns. Which I guess actually answers my question if others are having the issue... LOL

Any pointers on how I can correct this? Is there a database clean or such that I could do?






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