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[solved] Emby Web app doesn't start (black screen)


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I've been using the Emby Web app through the browser for a while now.

Since a few days, when I try opening it the complete page just remains black. Even if waiting for quite a while, nothing happens.


My default browser is Firefox. Using the web app in Chrome on the same computer works.

Also using the web app on a different system in Firefox still works.


On the system where the web app doesn't work in Firefox, I tried clearing cookies and website data. Didn't help.


The emby server version is (running in a docker container). Firefox versions are up-to-date.


How can I get it to work again?




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The URL in the address bar is


I don't see any errors in the debug console, but I'm not entirely sure where to look.

When I display the network analysis, only four files are loaded - that number should probably be higher?

And what happens if you just use ?  Is that a bookmarked url?  I know mine redirect to the new url scheme.

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Thanks for all your answers.

I tried the URL including port alone as well, though that didn't work.


Now as it turns out - today I tried opening emby in the affected browser and it started as it should. I didn't really change anything.


So for now my problem is kind of solved.


Thanks again!

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