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Youtube (and other) "Play to" feature

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Hey guys, 


Another feature I think is missing in emby is the ability to "share" a youtube video (or vimeo or whatever) to an emby client. Kodi does this very well, and Plex "half-assed" it if you ask me.


Here's how it could work: 


From the youtube app on your phone (sorry, I only have android, so not sure if this works for IOS)

1) Find video you want to watch

2) Click on "Share" button

3) Normal popup comes up for sharing

4) Click on emby logo (Could be 2 buttons like what Yatsee does: one for play, one for queue)

5) A popup asks which client to send to 

6) The client either queues or plays the video right away


From a browser

(Using some kind of extension like "Play to kodi")

1) Browse to video you want to play

2) Click on extension

3) Asks which client

4) Rejoice.




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I used the Watch Later for Plex a lot, and now I use Yatse remote to push videos to kodi.  Having this ability in Emby would be really great.


Although, I did like the Plex integration that saved the link and displayed it like a normal video so I could come back to it whenever I wanted.

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I think a mix of both would be great. I personally think it's where plex failed a bit (the watch it later), since we often just want to play music videos or whatever right away. Having to refresh the watch it later list then select the video makes it a crapy experience. But I can see how people would want it there.


But I'd really like to see a 'play to' kind of like yatsee does with multiple Kodi instances : it let's you pick which one from a small pop-up. I think that's the best!

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