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No channels with TVHeadend plugin


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Hello. I'm trying to set up the TVHeadend plugin, and I got to the point where I can see the scheduled recordings, and play any archived recording. But I cannot see any live channel, the list is just empty.


I can confirm EPG is working in the TVH web interface, and I can see TV streams through the .m3u address.


I have tried by clicking on "Refresh EPG" in the Emby admin panel, with no luck. I am attaching logs.


Any Help, please?



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Just to give some more info, I am using Debian stretch armhf, with Emby, TVHclient and Tvheadend 4.2.7-17~g45cc65a03

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On 10/30/2018 at 5:38 PM, huantxo said:

my channels were not numbered, and Emby required them to be numbered.


I had exactly the same problem. Login to tvh was fine without errors, but no channels received in Emby.

Refresh guide completed in 3 seconds. Numbering the channels in tvh solved it.

It's worth to be mentioned in tvheadent plugin settings page.

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