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Port Forwarding / Local Network Connection Conundrum


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Hi Guys,


I've recently ran into a little snag when using Emby / Plex. (I was using Plex before but decided to move over to Emby)


It seems to be an incredibly specific issue and from what I can tell, it may be to do with my router, but I just wanted to throw this out there and see what other people think. So up until recently I've been able to run my Plex/Emby server from my QNAP with no issues. I was able to stream locally to my Android TV, local computers, iPhones etc. All working perfectly. I was even able to access my media remotely due to the port forwarding I've got set up on my BT router.

Then out of nowhere, I'm unable to access my media on my iOS devices. Just flat out doesn't work. With Plex, I was getting a redirected connection (because Plex acts as a middleman if your direct connection dies) but Emby just wouldn't see my server at all. Needless to say I was confused as nothing has changed. After some digging and testing I was able to see that I can still access my media on local machines and my TV, but only able to access my media remotely on iOS devices (or if my iOS device is routed through a VPN).

So, I logged on to my router and killed my port forward. I was instantly able to access my media on my iOS devices locally. I put the port forward back on and I can no longer access my media on my iOS device locally.


From the looks of things, if I add a port forward (which I've done countless times) the port stops working locally (for iOS devices) I can still access it through the browser etc... Needless to say, I'm baffled and I was wondering if someone here has come across a similar problem before.


I've even tested setting up a new Emby server on my mac. Works perfectly locally for iOS devices, then when I add the port forward, stops working locally.


Any thoughts or ideas? I'd be interested to know.


Thanks guys.

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Hi, when you add the port forward to where, your router? When you try to connect locally, what ip address are you using?

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Hi Luke, thanks for replying.


The port forward is on the router. I've set it up with the default external port as well as a random one. I check them to make sure they work externally and they do, I then forward the port on to the IP address of the QNAP. As soon as it's enabled it's no longer locally accessible on iOS but is on PC, TV etc. When the forward is turned off, local access works on iOS again.


The IP address I'm using is the local IP address of the QNAP.


So it will go External port > forward to QNAP IP address > Local port.


When I connect locally I use the internal address of the QNAP using default port 8096, which works on PC and TV regardless of port forwards.


Only iOS seems to stop working once it's active... you can see why I'm confused :wacko:

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For what it's worth, Plex has been having Remote connection issues for 7-10 days if not more because of their Plex.tv crap... So don't consider that in your troubleshooting.

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I've tested setting up an Emby server on my Mac Mini, I can find the server on my iPhone locally. Add the port forward on the router, stops being visible on iOS locally. So it's not just on QNAP.


I have a strong feeling some firmware on my router may be the cause. Port forwards should work with both local and remote connections, it seems to be only allowing one or the other.


When I get some time I might try factory resetting my router or configure a spare and see what happens.

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