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Watching while recording, how to resume on another device?


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I'm on the latest BETA on Window 10. From several different clients, I am struggling on how to stop watching a program that is currently recording and resume it on another device. What would be nice, is that Emby would remember where I stopped on device 1 and the resume it on device 2 at that point.


This does work on media that's in your library, but not for programs that you are watching while it's recording. I've tried it on the iOS/iPhone, Roku BETA, Emby Theater (Electron) and they will not resume.


So, what I've resolved to try and do it observe the timestamp where I left off, go to the next device and fast forward to that point. But, that doesn't work well either. Seems you have to wait until the buffer fills up to that point before you can advance to the position I want. All the clients take forever to buffer up. It's take about 30 minutes to get to the 1 hour point, for example. Not very practical. Since it's a recording, the clients should know the total length of the recording, how much has bee recorded already and allow seeking within the recorded portion.


So, I'm I doing something wrong? Is this a reasonable expectation for how watching while recording should work?


The recording device is a HDHR Prime. Most channels are H264, some are MPEG2. Doesn't really matter, neither work.

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As you have found out - currently this does not work.


Hopefully it can be addressed.  It *sometimes* works on ATV but when it does you have to wait an age - as though, as you said, a buffer/transcode is filling.





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Support for this is planned for the future. Thanks !

I'd like to be able to join a recording in process to skip commercials as I go. I've tried and it doesn't work.


Also, I was watching the World Series Game one on my phone for a bit while commuting on Tuesday and when I got home tuning on the Shield TV the program in process locked up Emby, disabling my recording schedule whereupon I had to go to each one and click on Series Settings and hit Save to repopulate my schedule.


Been I busy week hopefully the logs are still available.


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