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a way to clean set up MacOs Mojave


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So, Mojave is coming and I'm still new to Mac.

Does anybody knows of a good doc that explains how to "Clean Install Mojave"?

I really want to do a clean install and not just an update.


Also, is it possible to restore from  Time Machine only files?

I have my backups but don't really Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire want to restore everything, just files that I know are safe to restore. Is that possible or I'm better off just copying the stuff I want from/to my mac before/after I do the clean install?

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I never do updates to major new versions, always a clean install. It's a hassle, takes time, but seems to many times avoid issues, or at least forces me to clean things up annually which I like.


What I tend to do is copy the entire drive to another drive. I then install as a new machine, and then selectively install software and copy over files and directories from the copy. In this process, I re-organize things, decide I don't need some things, etc. 


I say this as someone who has a *lot* of software, development stuff, consulting stuff, tons of MacPorts, databases, VPN setups, cron jobs, you name it. Takes me a good part of a day. 


I keep that backup copy for quite some time, at least a year as inevitably, miss something. I even start time machine over (as the last step). 

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