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Can't connect on PS4

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Hey guys, im trying to connect Emby on  PS4. Already downloaded emby server on my windows.


Its running, but i just can access the Media in my PC with i open this link http://localhost:8096/web/index.html#!/home.html


Everytime i try to open my "WAN Address" i have this error on Chrome

A conexão com 13x.x.x0.1x6 foi recusada.   


But, if i access by localhost its a-OK and running.
When i try to do de Emby Connection on PS4, the app found my PC but when i try to connect its always say: Connection Failure. 
I already tryed the manual connection and still no success.
Anyone can help me ?


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How exactly are you trying to connect from the ps4? What did you enter into the ps4 browser address bar?

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