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Need help with DLNA profile for Panasonic TX-50EX780E


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Again after update Im having issues with my Panasonic TV with AVI files. For some time it was fine, I played with profiles a little and was able to fix it that in the end I was able to run most of my videos (mainly MKV and AVI). Though I was able to run subtitles only embedded directly to MKV file which was fine. Im not sure which build changed that but Im again without AVI support. I checked profiles and it looks that they changed so probably my previous setting is not working.


So I would like help and also help the others to test what we can do to create perfect profile for Panasonic.


What I tried to this point to make AVI works:

  • Changed Direct play container ts, mpegts, avi, mpeg to use mkv and ac3 codecs 
  • Changed Direct play container ts, mpegts, avi, mpeg to use mpeg4 and mp3 codecs 
  • removed direct play and added transcoding
    • ts, mpegts, avi, mpeg to use mkv and ac3 codecs 
    • ts, mpegts, avi, mpeg to use mpeg4 and mp3 codecs 
  • enhanced Max streaming quality to 500000000

The answer for question why I changed these things to that is that I used what previously worked for me (MKV) and what I found here from other users. Thats why I for example don't use subtitle burn because it never worked for me but Im willing to try it again.


I know that logs would be useful but right now I don't want to spam topic with all logs for all variants I tried. I would like to start with what is the correct approach first and will send you logs when it is not working.

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When I try to play AVI video on TV (TX-50EX780E), it starts loading with spinner. After some time it skips to next video or says that file cant be read.

On my older Panasonic (TX-P50ST50E ) I get static picture full of strange coloured rectangles, no sound.

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Ok taking back. Sorry but I used for testing video which was corrupted. So now using this configuration avi is working for me. Only remaining issue is with external subtitles but I can live without them.


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The one I first used for my tests is not supported by TV (tried on USB drive) but can be played on PC (both directly and trough Emby). The rest of AVIs can be played on TV with settings I posted. But Im not able to determine the difference between the AVI files from windows properties and I dont have any specialized video tool to determine whats the difference between them.

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Hmm, that means Emby probably will not be able to tell either. Why not just re-encode the file? Our convert feature can help you easily convert it to an mp4 that will work on just about any device.

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  • 5 months later...

When I try to play AVI video on TV (TX-50EX780E), it starts loading with spinner. After some time it skips to next video or says that file cant be read.

On my older Panasonic (TX-P50ST50E ) I get static picture full of strange coloured rectangles, no sound.

deviLNA is in the details. There is no other explanation for abnormal network usage caused by incompatible DLNA.ORG_PN in so-called response profile.


In web app it should be relatively easy to detect such unfortunate situation. From file size(double check to detect recording in progress) and reported duration calc. average bitrate. Now compare that with actual bandwidth by GetPerTcpConnectionEStats and estimated duration. All that can be displayed on similar stream status where green graph will appear when clicked on bandwidth field.

Web app can additionally conclude that something is wrong with playback because now playing current time will revert back to 0s after 10. Those are enough to display some kind of troubleshoot console.

I'm pretty sure that pushing any SD file at such high bitrate essentially means 13x shorter duration which is certainly not expected. User may continue troubleshooting by downloading similar short sample which can be downloaded to transcoding-temp to exclude possibility of corrupt file.



I hope that users will appreciate this nice bonus feature in now playing page(currently rather empty) based on top secret envelope:



ENTER UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT INFO CANCEL(labeled as exit) SUBMENU(labeled as option) RETURN 


APPS HOME GUIDE(or EPG on some older models)


Dx where x is from 0 to 9 R_TUNE(labeled as Last view)



...app lets you control VIERA over wireless network (Wi-Fi) more intuitively than the ordinary remote controller


This could be great for some users who might like to use fancy 2-in-1 device for more reliable control.



Enjoy your VIERA:


This app when it works is great and couldn't be beaten but for some unknown reason it doesn't last, The only way I know how to make it work again is to uninstall the app, then reinstall it again and then activate it. A most agrivating point is their is a little red button when touched glows red and switches the TV on*

 For that reason Emby should try to send WoL instead of waiting 20s after PlayNow command: 

Connection to .../control_2 timed out

DMR should reappear on network in <13s and animated SVG icon for power button should turn blue. In other case web app should inform user that other devices support such feature without a need to manually turn on TV.







Hello it has been 2 years since my last reply. Emby still not working with my Pioneer XV-BD717W.

From decade old presentation it's clear that on many devices best approach is not implemented. Maybe they are still analyzing:

Choose the feature sets needed in your company’s product and which DLNA device class or classes the product will include. Then, implement the features necessary to comply with the Guidelines in your device. The Guidelines are available at no cost...

It seems logical as a first place to start, to have Emby emulate Windows Media Sharing with WMP12 completely as this setup works already...

It should be noted that URI length on that server is 82 chars.


On slide 24 we can see that each res should have different URI. If only I have access to Test Tools...

192.168.13.x:8096/videos/y/stream.ts should become more like ...videos/y/numID.ts where y is device number.

Is certification price really that high compared to few decent vinyl rigs? :unsure: 


My Yamaha R-N602 doesn't play music started at the web GUI. In the log file I can see:


2018-12-15 10:56:05.926 Info Dlna: No matching device profile found. The default will need to be used.




So this is new to me, never had problems with this Receiver in all other media server. I do not really understand why I need profiles for DLNS player?

It would be better to create new FriendlyName copy of profile, but with supported formats returned from device.


I also hope that users like @glade will wait for announcement about better multi-homed support on secured tumblr.emby.media(since they support custom domains).

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