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artwork and sync issue


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I wanna report two issues.


First, in some cases the cached artwork is damaged.

Please check attached photo. On the right edge is a partly green image. This is image corruption, and appears more or less randomly

on sync.

So if i would rebuild the database, it would appear somewhere else.

Only possibility is clearing the artwork-cache to fix the problem.

The issue appears on the Vero-box and on desktop, so seems to be a general issue and has nothing to do with performance or network speed.


Second problem, in case of renaming a movie or a tvshow, the new item will be integrated in the kodi-db, but the old one will not be removed.

Adding new movie or tvshow is correct, I haven't tested just removing so far.




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Your Kodi log please.


Your first issue, yes of course. Kodi caches the artwork, the addon only forces Kodi to cache it. So if it's already cached then Kodi won't recache it. You'd need to change the artwork to clear the cached artwork, or as you discovered, clear the artwork cache.

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I changed the movie-folder name:

before: "/mnt/storage2/movies/1/10 To Midnight (1982)/"

after: "/mnt/storage2/movies/1/10 To Midnight (1982)-test/"


additionally I modifyed the nfo:


<title>10 to Midnight</title>
<originaltitle>10 to Midnight</originaltitle>


<title>10 to Midnight-test</title>

<originaltitle>10 to Midnight-test</originaltitle>


then on emby server:

select "library"

select "movie"

choose "scan for new and updated files" (don't replace metadata)

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Sorry to reopen this issue, but It seems the sync-problem is not solved in case of TV-Shows.

I run a few tests, and give you an update as soon as possible.

At the moment I renamed a complete TV-Show folder (in the directory).

c:\bla\Heaven\.... to c:\bla\Haven (2010)\....

Then an emby-server resync, emby-site is now fine.

Kodi-Companion Sync results in 2 TV Shows...


You can try to reproduce as follows:




c:\bla\Heaven\S01\S01E01 - Willkommen in Haven.mkv

Scan it on emby-server

Scan it on kodi

Close kodi

rename to

c:\bla\Haven (2010)\S01\S01E01 - Willkommen in Haven.mkv

Delete all nfo's if you are using them

Scan it on emby-server

Check emby server, should be fine now.

Scan it on kodi -> Duplicate...

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