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MB Server STILL ignoring locally updated metadata.


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Okay, exactly WHAT do I have to do to get the MediaBrowser server to read in changes to metadata that has been edited outside of the MB Dashboard? I'm up to date with the very latest beta version (Version 3.0.5209.29215), and it is STILL ignoring external changes to metadata files - including completely overwriting files which have the LOCK bit SET.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Pick any existing TV series where you disagree with the metadata service providers about broadcast order vs production order.  BEST example: Earth 2
  2. Refresh metadata via dashboard and note that, yes indeed the episode order is not to your liking.
  3. Go into the metadata subdirectory of Earth 2 Season 1 and edit & renumber the metadata to match the episode files which have been in your preferred order since the beginning.
  4. Adjust all of the episode numbers in the metadata files to match and SET THE LOCK VALUE TO 'true'.
  5. Do a library refresh via the dashboard
  6. Note that the OLD METADATA IS STILL BEING DISPLAYED in BOTH the dashboard and in the MBC, and that all of your carefully hand-edited metadata for the re-arranged epsiodes show as UNLOCKED. If you do a Refresh Metadata from the Dashboard at this point, MB Server OVERWRITES THE METADATA FILES - even after you've set the Lock bit.

So - exactly how am I supposed to adjust and edit metadata when MB Server simply ignores everything I do and I can't use the dashboard to make the desired edits?

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just so we can help narrow it down, do you see the issue with non-anime series, or just anime?

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Earth 2 is a 1994 sci-fi TV series, not anime.  I have the Anime plugin installed, but I don't have any anime libraries defined since I haven't broken out the anime episodes into individual files from the disks yet.

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Ok, I notice you are doing refreshes from the edit page. I think what is happening is that you're refreshing a little too quickly. By quickly I  mean you're telling the system to do a full internet refresh before we've actually recognized it as locked. The way the refresh button on the edit page works is that it's a full refresh, so first it goes out to internet sources, and then after it looks at your metadata. The dropdown next to the refresh button probably needs a "Local Only" option to do what you're trying to do.


The locking settings do work, but at that point, it's not locked yet because as i mention, reading local metadata comes at the end when you use refresh button on the edit page. So at that point, it's not locked yet.


So until there's a "Local Only" option on the edit page, your solution is as follows:


- Make changes externally

- Use the regular library scan not the edit page. The scan will see the xml changes

- Now you should see it locked on the edit page. At this point, using the refresh feature on the edit page should work as you expect.


So the key is, make sure the edit page sees the item as locked before refreshing, otherwise it will be a full internet refresh. But if you're manually editing xml, you don't need to use that at all and the normal library scan will pickup the changes.

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That's the problem - the normal library scan does NOT pick up the changes.  While it does detect them, it doesn't actually PROCESS the changes made.


  1. Shut down server.
  2. Start up server.  Monitor log output until initial startup tasks complete
  3. Navigate to Earth 2 season 1 metadata share in file browser.  'Touch' each metadata xml file by opening it in XML Notepad, perform an explicit save, and then closing it.
  4. Note that the log file indicates that the metadata file has changed.
  5. Repeat 3 & 4 for each episode metadata xml file so all of the files have been 'touched'.
  6. Note that the log file claims that the season will be refreshed.
    LibraryMonitor: Season 1 (\\KEIKO\TVSeries\Earth 2 (1994)\Season 1) will be refreshed.
  7. Log into the web dashboard.
  8. Start up a library scan using Library / Scan Library
  9. Wait for library scan to be completed.
  10. Open the metadata editor and see that NO REFRESH UPDATE HAS OCCURRED FOR EARTH 2 in the web editor.

See attached logs.





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I guess we'll have to keep an eye on this but I just tested and it worked as expected.

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the only think i can think of that you'll want to verify is that when you save the file manually the date modified timestamp is getting updated. that's what we use as a comparison to determine if the file should be re-read or not.

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If you take a look at my previous post, you'll see that I explicitly tested that scenario with the same negative results. The only way I got the library to update properly was to remove the library.db and refreshinfo.db files (stop server, rename files to *.bak, restart server) and let MBS regenerate the library from scratch.

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