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Font brightness TV series


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Am just wondering if there's a particular reason why the font / text on this kind of page




is less bright than on this kind




As if not I would prefer / find it easier to read the brighter version.

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Looks like the first one (season list) is set by the theme you are using and the second one (item view) is set in the html code.


Was originally .6, this matches the overview (html code).

#childrenContent div.secondary.listItem-overview.listItemBodyText {
    color: rgba(255,255,255,.87);
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Well I presume if the css only affected one of the pages (in post #1) and it was removed the text would be equally bright for both pages, just not sure if they would be equally bright or equally not-so-bright...


(can't really check at the moment though unfortunately)

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