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Setup for PlayOn plugin


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From the limited documentation available, it appears that the PlayOn plugin is exactly what I want.  I am interested in playing back TV shows that have already been recorded with PlayOn, using its ad-skip feature, while skipping the commercials during playback.  My observation is that the Emby player does not skip commercials even if PlayOn was used to record a show and the frame numbers of commercial segments are all listed in the file header.  If the Emby plugin presents a front-end to access the PlayOn player, this would be smooth.  In the setup for this plugin, I set the LAN address with port number for the PlayOn server, but all I am shown is a dozen empty folders marked Kids, etc., just like a report from an Emby user two years ago.  Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong or if my understanding of the function of the PlayOn plugin is incorrect?

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