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Server error EVERY TIME !

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After the first day with premier my app has not worked . I have an xbox one , Ruko and Windows 10 laptop , with the Emby apps installed on all 3 . My media server has mp3’s and Mp4’s and playlists for both . I can see all the media on any device but when I try to play ANYTHING ANYWHERE I get a server error below.










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Thx for your response ….. it was a simple mp3.

lately , everything seems to work when I use my android phone or directly from my win10 based laptop . but never I get a picture . The devices are talking to each other because I can send a text either way. When I initiate a stream either way the receiving device displays the in progress wheel but the video never loads.  I'm not technically challenged, so I enjoy trying to get this thing fired up …. however the most frustrating aspect of all of this is not being able to talk directly to customer support.

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Indeed u r ,,,,, I've actually figured it out . It was so simple that I cant believe i missed it. Everything was working fine but when I initially set everything up . I used an external harddrive for all of the media. it was attached directly tio the laptop via USB. I also had a usb flash drive attached to the laptop as well . without the flash drive the external drive letter changed from f: TO h:..... yikes !!!!! Good news is that without immediate support I had to dig deeply into this software and I learned a lot '''

thx anyway ! 

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