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As WMC integrated as possible?


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Is there a wiki, or something somewhere that shows the best Theme/Options to get MBC to look as close to WMC as possible?  I'm loving MB so far, but am overwhelmed by the options/plugins/themes, and am also trying to keep the WAF as high as possible (so simple and stable).  I'm wondering if there's a step by step somewhere, that I can get something like:


How to replace the "Movies" in WMC so it goes to the "Movies" in MB

How to change the MB list of Movies so it looks more like the WMC list of movies (just a simple list, no favorites, same blue'ish' background, and just one long list of movies)  


Thanks!  Great software!


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I found that setting WMC's color scheme to high contrast black and setting MB's theme to black gave the most cohesive look to me.


I have not tried to map what Movies launches in the start menu. However I edited the start menu using MCE Reset toolbox. With it you can turn off(uncheck) things you are not using, edit the title of the things you are using and change the order to somethign that makes senseto your family. I now have the following in order:


Movies, TV Shows, & Kids Stuff(formerly titled "Media Browser" and corresponds to the three libraries in my MB)

-Cool Media Browser logo here;)


Web (formerly titled Kylo Browser)

-Kylo logo here


Netflix(formerly Movies)

-Netflix logo only



- all the standard tv options here


Our Pictures and Videos(formerly pictures + videos)

- all the standard options here


Options (formerly tasks)

- turned a couple items off, I cannot remember which


All other menu items are turned off and we do not see them. It was a bit of work for me to get it the way I want and I have to make sure i put it back if I change anything. But, my wife, my 7 year old and I like it.

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I have been away from Media Browser for a year and found that my old setup notes are not as good as they should have been..


I use to create separate entry points for MB options, one for movies, one for movies by genre and tv or music libraries etc.


But I don't know how I did this anymore, is it still possible?

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