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Auto-start Emby Server


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Is there a way to have Emby automagically start-up when my Mac is rebooted?  I tried reading about how to set it up as a damon, but honestly that fly over my head.  I don't care if it's a damon or not, I just need it to auto-start if my mac gets rebooted (I was hoping for a "startup folder like on Windows, but no such luck...lol!).


Thanks.  Brian

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Sure Brian-


Open 'System Preferences' and select 'Users and groups' (first item in the second to last row generally).


Select your user and you'll see two options at the top of your pane- 'Password' and 'Login Items.' Select 'Login Items' and the pane displays all your apps that run when you log in. 


To add Emby (or anything else) to this list you'll hit the + at the bottom of the window showing login items. Navigate to your Emby Server App and double click on it. 


That will add it to your list.


Keep in mind you may have to click on the lock (lower left of the window) to make changes which requires you enter your password.  For whatever reason my System Preferences window took a while to SHOW that I added Emby. When I switched back to see all the preference options and selected Users & Groups it was there. I can add screen shots if you need them.

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