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Playback Error - No compatible - MacOS High Sierra


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I just installed Emby media server on my dedicated Mac mini, after getting fed up with Plex's apps on Apple TV, I wanted to try Emby. I went through the set up process and added a few movies to try (.MKV - .x264, FLAC/AC3/AAC), When went to my iPhone, I first tried to play a movie I was told I had to activate it with a 5 dollar purchase, which I assumed was the same thing Plex did. However, when I tried to play it again from all I got was an error saying 'Playback Error - No compatible streams are currently available, Please try again later'.


I tried to then to play them just through the web browser, and got the same error message, I was able to easily setup Plex however I got fed up with bugs, many others have said to try Emby but I can't get even a single movie to play. I have tried multiple files and they all come back with the same error.


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