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DLNA & Multiple LANs


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dunno if someone's already covered this but have a slight bug where it doesn't work if i've got multiple network connections enabled, i have VM installed and it's trying to use the VM connection instead of the Local LAN. disable the VM connection and it works :-)


i.e. Server =  (all clients are on this LAN)

     VMNat = (only server can see this scope)


in the logs it's showing as sending the DLNA from but if i disabled VMNat it uses correct address?

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If you load mb3 prior to vm, does mb3 stay bound to correct nic? Probably only workaround if mb3 is not multi nic aware..that or edit vm network and install all vm guests in same subnet as physical.


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Just tested ok on mine when i ran vm workstation/guest on my server, after loading mb3 1st.


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I have same problem - my Samsung TV is saying like "Check your network".


Looking into MediaBrowser log I found pretty obvious reason.

On Server I have some virtual VirtualBox Network Adapter. But DLNA is instructed to play media from this IP address, but it's obviously not working since it's not IP address from local LAN.


My Local LAN IP adress:

From Log:

2014-04-22 13:46:46.4245 Debug - PlayTo: [TV] Living room - SetAvTransport Uri:;uuid:0c845880-00d2-1000-9f61-0c891097bba1;;true;;;;;;;;;;;0; 

Any  suggestions how to force MediaBrowser to use correct (Local LAN) IP adress ?

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