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Music Albums Backdrop Blowup


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Hey guys,I just updated a few days ago to these:


Server Version 3.0.5188.21314

MBC version 3-14.1

Newest ROC theme


 I was using the ROC theme previously and had no problems at all with the way Music Albums was presented.

Lee Davies has assured me his latest version of ROC would not cause my current problems.





Before the update I could apply a lyrics backdrop to each song in the album as shown below

I use the Thumb view as it allows an unobstructed view of the lyrics.






After updating if I leave the song lyrics backdrop in place for each song I get the following song page view.

It's just my MCE background plus some attempt to show something of the song page data. This is really bad.




Here's the Artist page with the artist overview in Thumb view. It's fine. No problem.

The top level backdrop works.




The only way I can get the Song page to work properly is to eliminate my individual song lyrics backdrops,

as shown below. As you can see the top level backdrop is still there and this is the only way to get

the Songs page to work properly.





Here's another problem. When I scroll to song #3 in the list the album overview pops up.

This does not happen with songs #1 and #2. Weird huh?.





Here's the Album page with the album overview displayed. All is fine.

I prefer to read the album overview on this page, not on the Songs page.

Having the album overview on BOTH pages is redundant.




I hope we can fix this problem soon as I have put a lot of work into creating my song lyrics backdrops.

Also when I switch to Chocolate theme the same things happen.


 I love Media Browser, but I have to admit that when an update messes up my finely tuned setup I get very

frustrated. I guess the lesson here is I should never do any updating once I've got everything set and working fine!

You know the old saying----"If it ain't broke don't fix it".


Thanks for your help.  Steve.

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The lesson really isn't to not update as things will be continuing to improve and we won't be able to support old versions of things for long.


I'm afraid you lost me a little bit with your problem though.  First, I'm going to ask you to replicate the issue in the Chocolate theme and post screen shots of that just so I can be looking at something I'm familiar with.  Thanks.

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ebr, here's the Chocolate version of my backdrop problem.


First screenshot - with no backdrop image for the song(s),

           and using the backdrop from the Artist level. This is Thumb view.

            Notice no Album overview in the box. Album overview doesn't

            show up until song #3, same as in ROC.


Second screenshot - You can see what happens when I add a backdrop for

             the song(s). I get the basically blank Song list screen as shown. No other

             view works either, until I remove the Song backdrop in the web client.








Once again, my song backdrops worked fine in ROC before I updated to Server Version 3.0.5188.21314 and MBC 3-14.1

Thanks for your help in this matter.  Steve.

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Thanks.  That made it much easier for me to see what was going on.


Change your System update level in MBC to Dev and update to 144 and let me know if it is fixed.

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IT'S A MIRACLE!     Thanks a lot for the fix. I've decided to switch to Chocolate. I like it's sleek clean look.

There's just one more question. I've decided to use the Strip view on the Song page in Music Albums which allows more

room for larger lyrics on the backdrop, as you can see in these screenshots. Why isn't the song title showing in the strip?

It only shows the Logo from the top level( Artist).  I've got Labels turned on in Strip view. Or am I missing something?






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