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auto box sets question


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Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere on the forum (have a habit of asking already answered questions), but I couldn't find this in the forums. I was wondering if its at all possible to have the auto boxsets feature skip a folder. The reason I ask is because I have a few custom box sets that contain movies as well other boxsets- example

Marvel Comics movies-

                                   -Avengers Collection

                                   -Blade Trilogy



                                   -X-men Collection

                                                 -Wolverine Collection



So I would want auto box sets to skip this folder otherwise I'd end up with two box sets displaying for X-men, Blade, etc one made by auto boxsets and the other from my custom boxset 

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Auto Box Sets has been pulled from the catalog pending a re-write for a different implementation that will better fit with the upcoming server's ability to create box sets manually.

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There is a new collection creation facility in the server now and the auto box sets plug-in has been rewritten to work with it.  However, the plug-in will only understand collections that actually exist on tmdb so it won't know about your "super" collection.  But, it may recognize that you have the actual one and not re-create it.  You will have to test this.

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