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Updating content without exiting/reentering


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I'm having this problem.. MBServer runs out a standalone server box in a closet in our house.  All data is housed there.

Clients see MBServer fine, they connect fine.

But when new content is added, it doesn't show up in Chocolate/MBC.  I have to exit MBC and then re-start it to have it refresh new content on the server.

This seems to have gotten worse with the  newest version (.137), but it's still an annoyance.   Did something change?

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New movies and entire new TV series should show up fine. 


There is currently an issue with getting new episodes to show up because they are buried underneath a deep folder structure.


This did used to work better in previous versions but it was causing us to load a bunch of information from the server every time it happened so I cut it back.  I hope to get it working without the performance problems again in the future.


To see new content, you can just hit "record" on your remote on any folder and all the contents under it will refresh.

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