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only showing first 20 channels


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I am on DEV version 3.0.5183.38083 of mediabrowser and Version:, build: 1129 of serverwmc. Would provide logs but just not sure which ones would be helpful.


In firefox when pulling up the livetv channel list it only displays the first 500 channels of the 700+ in WMC. The guide link only shows the first 20. No pulldown box show up to change the quantity shown in the guide but does in the channels list, still only 500 channels.


This did not occur until I ran the update to this version. Attempted a restart of both serverwmc and mediabroswer but that did not help.

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Post the serverwmc log (see debug tab in swmc) so we can see how many channels it is transferring to mbs.  But post the log after mbs has connected to swmc.

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I restart both apps, let MBS connect, it was let to run through the requests and I went to Firefox and called up the guide and channel list.




HOWEVER, I noticed that a MBS update came down last night. After installing that and restarting again everything is now working again. nothing to see here.


Thanks guys!

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