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FR: Better Genres Formatting & Because you watched Suggestions


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So first thing. Love the Roku Emby app. You all have done a fantastic job.


I do have a few requests though that I think would add some more usability. I currently have around 300 different TV series but somehow my girlfriend can never seem to find anything to watch. She watches the shows that are current but basically refuses to dig through the entire library to find a new show.


What would be ideal is if there were suggestions based on what she has watched and show those suggested shows in the TV section view under the views>Continue watching>etc...


This way she can just look there and maybe find something she wants to watch in a much smaller selection rather than looking through such a large library.


My other request would be to update the the Genres section under each of the media types. Currently it displays tiles with the Genre name on there and you have to click into it to see what is in that genre and then back out and go into another to see that genre which is cumbersome. Can you do the same view for genres that is being done for the "By Letter" section? I think that will be a much cleaner view and also fits inline with something already developed and used. 

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