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Trailers... not "Mickey's Trailer"

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Hey all, 

I've noticed something pretty odd happening when I load a new movie and trailer into any of the watched directories. 

The fetcher always seems to grab data for a 40's Disney short named "Mickey's Trailer" instead of the trailer for the movie the trailer is actually for even though it grabs the data for the movie just fine.

This happens if the trailer is in it's own sub-directory under the main movie or if it resides in the same folder as the main movie. 


Is it my setting or is something odd just happening, any ideas?




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it's hard to picture this. some graphical examples would be easier to digest.


Sorry to revive a dead topic here, but the exact same thing is happening to me. I just migrated over from Plex and this would be really time consuming to manually remove and rename trailers from their dedicated trailer folder. I've posted some examples below:













This happens to multiple file formats. The thing is that the trailer and the main file don't share the same name, but the trailer is in it's own Trailer folder(not sure if this makes a difference).


Any help would be appreciated at this point, since I don't want to go manually edit everything... :wacko:

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