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I've been using Emby (with subscription)  for a bit now and love it, but one thing is driving me crazy!


I can't get my Browser to display the same information as my TV.

Not sure if I'm missing a settings or if the app comes with a different set of features. 


I'm running server version on Ubuntu

Windows 10 with Chrome

TV with Firestick

here is what I can see on the TV:




Here is the same 2 items on the PC:






On the computer I can't easily tell if the show is still alive or if I'm missing episodes vs not aired.


I have activated the show missing items in both profile and library settings.


Can anyone help me figure this out or is this a feature request?

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I don't believe there are "Missing" or "UnAired" indicators in the web client any more.

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It's just something that was lost during changes and needs to be restored. thanks.

Nice ... I hope it is easy to fix and part of the next update :) 

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