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Two existing features that could help each other


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Download and multiple version selection.


I often use the "download" feature to view movie offline on my phone and usually keep a 1080p version and a 720p version of my movies.

When i use download and choose "original quality" the system downloads the 1080p version which end up taking a lot of disc space on a phone.


I do know i could always ask emby to re-encode at a lower bitrate when i set the download, but why? i already have a suitable 720p version ready.



What if when I select the 720p version in the new dropdown, the "original quality" that gets downloaded is actually of the selected version.


That way i could even sync a "director's cut" if i wanted to...


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Hi yes it would be great to integrate these tell features together. Thanks.

Any hope on this? The fact that when i download content i get the really huge files instead of a manageable sized ones, basically prevents me from using the download feature.


Maybe instead of the option i suggested in my first post, there could be more options when i hit the download button.

Something like:


Original quality (version name)

Original quality (other version name)






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It's possible for the future. Thanks.

Awesome, that future is gonna be great...


...Oh wait... that was your generic non-answer! Dammit!




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