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Hunter x Hunter problem


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so.  anime is awesome.  and the anime hunter x hunter is awesome.


US release of this anime is rather....slow.


there is probably about 96 episodes released to the US.  TVDB entry shows this with about 4 seasons iirc.


japanese release is 148 episodes total.


IMDB shows this without issue.  


so right now when organized in emby, it automatically goes to the TVDB and certain episodes show up as duplicates, e.g. ep01 and ep101 both show up as ep01.


as for scraping what i can see and from what i read is that imdb isnt used with emby to scrape for episode data?  can i force it to for just this instance?


trying to figure out what i need to do to get this showing up the way it should.  any help is appreciated.


Charles Lam

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tvdb is what we offer. i think what you're going to need to do is lock the series to prevent emby from trying to populate with tvdb metadata.


then, if you want, you could use some other software to create nfo files based on imdb data, and emby will read those nfo files.

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thanks for the reply.  until TVDB gets the rest of the episodes listed ive just manually changed the episode numbers for the last 40 episodes.  now the episodes are showing correctly without a description.  

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