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A question about transcoding


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from my point of view it makes sense even if the whole filesize drops when transcoding h264 to h265 via T2 and stream it over the web


Right, but Emby doesn't support H.264 -> H.265 transcoding yet and if you own a machine with a T2 chip then you automatically also have an Intel iGPU capable of decoding/encoding both H.264 and H.265. 


What I'm trying to say is, that adding support for the T2 chip would be redundant as your Intel iGPU is already capable of everything video related the T2 chip offers.

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The T2 version 2, v.1 was in a few of the 2017 models, performs a few roles previously done by discrete components.


First, it provides security for the kernel in that it boots first and verifies that the macOS kernel is untouched. Then it takes over the drive encryption process in that what previously took hours when you first enabled drive encryption, now it's always encrypted and decrypts on the fly as needed. The key is in the chip so ripping the drive off the board does no good. By default it prohibits an external drive from booting an OS. You have to change the defaults using a new special boot sequence to boot off an external device.


To me the icing on the cake on this ARM architecture chip is the support for the videotoolbox codec even though its range of options is pretty limited as its primary purpose is for compiling or rendering, whatever the term is for turning software into executable code. It can be daisy-chained for more processing power. I think the codec isn't as versatile as the previously existing x265 because of Apple's limited use case. The only transcoding support they focused on was or their encoding product, Compressor, that is used in conjunction with Final Cut Pro, their editing app.


It also is now the systems management controller, thermal watchdog, power and battery manager, ambient light sensor, image signal processor for the FaceTime HD camera and always on processor including support for Hey Siri.


Finally, I thought I was going crazy when I first set up my mini in place of a MacBook Pro that I had been using in the closed position with a 27" monitor and self-powered external speakers. I thought I had very good audio but suddenly it started to sound really good with better definition and a better sound stage. That's what caused me to really dig into this chip. It's also described as having an "Audio controller and wide stereo sound".


The real question here is whether this will help Emby transcode more efficiently.


I just did this comparison with Emby Server on the 2018 mini, 4 core i5, 16 GB RAM, while playing Jack Reacher (2012) 1080p x265 to my AppleTV4K which we know doesn't do x265.  CPU load fluctuates between high single digits and 24%.


I also have Plex Server on an older 2012 MBPro i7 with SSD and 16 GB RAM.  The CPU load here was much lower and stayed between 2 and 5%.


I don't know enough about this to account for the difference or to come to any conclusion.


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Same test as before and now Emby's AppleTV app is showing direct play and the processor load now fluctuates between 0.87% and 2.2% for 99% of the time with an occasional burst to 22%. Well Done!!

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