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tvOS Beta 11.2

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In the process of setting up Emby server to test. I have tvOS 11.2 Beta setup on ATV4 4K. The tvOS app tries to start, however it reverts back to Emby tvOS Home Screen. I then retried on a 4th gen ATV and it appears to work.


I am currently running on a 2011 iMac...great improvements since 2015/2016 on OSX.


Very impressed so far...Plex has been a nightmare trying to playback mpegts/H.264 files with ffd/rew. Even with Plex’s own DVR recordings (semi high powered Server, very capable clients). They did offer a great deal on a Lifetime subscription (after my cancellation of a year-to-year sub). I opted in, however, in the 3 weeks since signing up, they have continued to ignore requests, suggestions, etc. (same as the last year). I just received a full refund.


I’d very much like to run a full featured media manager (with decent playback capabilities). Emby appears to have a very capable solution, unlike Plex. I already have an exceptional DVR solution...offered by a development team catering to Apple users.


My two hesitations for purchasing Emby Lifetime Subscription (and only using as a Media Manager & Playback solution) at this time:


1. I have a Nvidia Shield which should prove to be an excellent server for Emby, but not offered yet.

2. Apple TV 4K - Emby is not working at all ATV 4K. Emby needs to fix issues with server file display and playback on the ATV 4K, and additionally use Apple (tvOS 11.2 Beta) API’s to auto switch to SDR.


Looking forward to any/all improvements offered by Emby.


Regards, Debbie





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2. Apple TV 4K - Emby is not working at all ATV 4K. 


I don't believe this is exactly true.  Rather, you are having an issue with a beta release of tvOS...correct?



Emby needs to fix issues with server file display and playback on the ATV 4K, 


Can you please provide more details here?  How to Report a Problem



...and additionally use Apple (tvOS 11.2 Beta) API’s to auto switch to SDR.


According to the Apple documentation, there is nothing we have to do here.  It should "just work".


Welcome!  We're looking forward to providing your full-featured media management system :).

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Hi ebr:


1. Absolutely correct, clumsy wording on my part by not specifying Beta qualifier.


2. My original intention was not to report a problem...only my requirements, as I was unable to start Emby. I attributed this to my running tvOS on the Beta version (only have 1 ATV 4K)...which I felt may not be supported yet (as just released).


3. Based on your response...I started troubleshooting...first reboot of ATV and retry Emby. Immediate connection. All is running smoothly so far. Also, SDR auto switching just works.


Now, all I have to do is find a capable server, as I would rather not run the iMac 24/7. As stated above, have a Nvidia Shield plus a Qnap 251A, several single bay WDMyClouds...no Windows Desktop. Although low powered the Qnap might be a possibility depending on the structure of Emby’s server/client relationship. I’d like to test it, but after perusing the Qnap thread...I would definitely be lost.


So back to the Shield. Any word on future possibilities?

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The Shield is definitely something we'd like to do but I cannot give you any kind of timeframe on that.


There are a number of possibilities for the server though that work well now and many of them can be built for not much at all.


If I understand that your Apple TV problems are solved now, then we should probably pick up that discussion in one of the other forums.



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