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FLAC-Chromecast audio transcoding above 48khz


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Latest emby server (embyserver-osx-x64- on a Mac running High Sierra 10.13.1 transcoding FLAC files (stereo, hires) when playing to Chromecast Audio and when files are encoded above 48000hz (48k and below plays direct).

Server and transcoding (for 88.2k and 96k) logs enclosed.


Same music encoded at 96k 88.2k and 48khz, all 24bits.
Server started, emby app on Android started, casted to Chromecast, played in sequence each music for 10secs

1) first @48khz - Direct play
2) @ 88k2 hz - transcoded ts aac
3) @ 96khz - again transcoding ts aac

All files played direct when using Plex in an identical setup/environment.

Best regards,




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