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Where Did My Subtitles Go?


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This is a bit of embarrassment for me to post but the movies I record from

TCM (most of which have subtitles) do not show the subtitles when I play

them back on my ATV Gen 4 client....they used to be there...also when I play

the same Emby recorded file using Plex on the same ATV sure enough the

subtitles are there pretty & perfect...I've scanned all the settings and did some forum

searches to no avail..this must be something simple & trivial as I'm a rather new

user of Emby..I presently have "Only download subtitles that are a perfect match.."

checked and it has always been checked ..I have my Open Subtitles user name &

password in properly..could it be something wrong in my Open Subtitles

settings?  I also have : " Skip  if the default audio tract matches the download language"

unchecked as well as the other skip regarding embedded subtitles


What am I missing here?

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You mean Apple TV?


If so, what is the state if the "subtitles" menu when you pull down the menu during playback?


Also, have you tried selecting the button that says "Select specific audio or subtitles"?  If so, what happened then?



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The ATV Subtitles selection is "CC" for both emby & plex..ie I don't change it

going from one app top the other on the ATV..the other options are "AUTO" and "NONE"

I have not tried the other setting you mention..I'll look for it.. Thanx..

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No results found for a movie recorded early this morning..something is buggy about

the process of the auto download of the subtitles from open source..subtitles worked perfectly for me

a few releases of the server back..and also why is plex displaying them? Does plex

download the subs from within the plex server?  The sysmptoms seem to point to the emby

download mechanism not working..I'm surprised that I appear to be the only one

affected by this..

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@@scubajwd i think we're talking about two different things here. I'm asking you about subtitles you already have, not about about subtitles you might acquire using the download feature.


So on that note, we support local subtitle files next to your video files, and you can learn how to organize them here:



Do you have subtitle files?

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As far as the download feature goes, it works just fine but you do need to setup and configure it. Did you add your own open subtitles account info?

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Yes.. I added my open subtitles account info...it worked perfectly well up until about two weeks or so ago;

something broke either with 1)emby server 2) win 10 upgrade that occured or a combination of things;

sorry, I can't chase this thing anymore; what setup and configuring beyond what I've explained is

required for auto downloading to work? Please read above on my settings for subtitles..

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Try unchecking this:

"Only download subtitles that are a perfect match.."

Maybe your video files are not a perfect match for what is on open subtitles. Then run the subtitle download scheduled task. 

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