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Endless duplicating tabs


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I'm new to Emby and so far impressed with the support for your android TV app with h265 and GUI compared to plex. But I would like to get assistance regarding tabs duplicating for some weird reason.


So when ever I watch a film I should only get one "continue watching" tab for that movie file. But when I click on it and back out to the main menu their becomes two.


Any help would be great.



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Sorry I'm new to this forum here are the logs from my server and I've also reported the log to the devs via the android TV app.


No error are displayed via the app.


Server logs as requested.




Download from mediafire.

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Hi, can you please provide the specific information requested under the section describing how to send a log from the app?  Thanks.



Reproduce your problem and then use this button to send the log.  Then add the following information to your report in the forum:

  • Exactly what you were doing and what happened.  Include the name of whatever you played if it is a playback problem
  • The time you sent the log
  • The name of the Emby user on the local server that was logged in at the time
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