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Add movie not listed in either IMDb or TMDb ?


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I have a movie that I am trying to add to my Movie Library but not sure how since it doesn't appear in either of the 2 online movie databases ??


The movie is  - Avatar - If you don't play the game, the games plays you.

(And no it is not the Avatar your thinking of made in 2009)


Does Emby have a 'blank' or 'template' movie page that can be loaded which doesn't require a IMDb or TMDb number so I can add the details manually ?



Yes this movie exists, there is a copy for sale on EBay Canada -



Here is a copy of my cover -






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Hi, movies do not require associate with any online internet metadata. It is simply a feature that can be used to acquire information.


When you import it into your emby server you will just have to watch out for how it gets identified. It may get falsely identified with some online title, but you can easily correct that manually using the editing functions. 

Please let us know if this helps. Thanks.

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It is cyber wars. Quite often for one reason or another (usually trademarks or copyrights) a movie gets renamed in other regions.




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