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Scan Media Library is no longer correct


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Server : Version 3.0.5171.19958


Scan of my media takes only 47 sec (before the last major update it took more than 47 minutes!).


I have a lot of trouble with movies you cannot fetch with the common Metadata Downloaders.

In some of those movies the info is still there, in others all info is gone (that goes for about 50% of that kind of movies).


The name of the movie is now the same as the name of the folder where the movie is stored.

Same goes for the Sort Name.

All other metada are gone..., even the actors, with exception of the images .All this is very weird as there were no problems at all before the major update.

The Name of the movie and the Sort name were the same as the name of the video title.


Manually corrections are still possible but that is no option (there are more than 2000 movies in the db!


My folder structure is not always as it should be but that was never a problem before (Folder name is different from movie name)


I wonder if the program still reads the info from the movie.xml file which is stored in each movie folder or did that changed in anyway?


I would appreciate any help on this.







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See included examples (screenshots) and copy of movie.xml which is in the same folder5310c432f035e_Metadata.jpg



movie.xml :


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
  <Added>6/10/2013 18:31:36</Added>
  <Overview><![CDATA[No data]]></Overview>
  <LocalTitle>Housesitter Surprise</LocalTitle>
  <SortTitle>Housesitter Surprise</SortTitle>
    <Genre>Adults only</Genre>
  <Genre>Adults only</Genre>
      <Name>Capri Cavalli</Name>
      <Name>Tyler Nixon</Name>
  <Description><![CDATA[No data]]></Description>
  <OriginalTitle>Housesitter Surprise</OriginalTitle>
  <VideoQuality>Great (720p HD)</VideoQuality>

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I did some testing today...


I started a brand new Mediabrowser 3 Server on a different PC.


I it there are only 2 movies.


Main Folder (Video)

    Sub Folder (Twistys)

          Video Folder (Capri Cavalli)

          Video Folder (Housesitter Surprise)


Content Video Folder is exactly the same.


In the Log (attached) there are some errors mentioned... the question is of course what went wrong?


Problems still remain: content of movie.xml is not shown in MB3.server-63529278946.log

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