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Memory Leak


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When is the memory leak going to be fixed.  If it is fixed in the next release, when will that be available.  The memory usage is out of control with the current release.  I just started to watch a football game and at the same time was monitoring memory usage on my Windows 10 machine which has 16GB of ram and Emby Server went from 14% to 75% in a matter of minutes.  I turned off the game and the memory settled back to 57%.  The only way to get my memory back to normal was to restart the Emby server.  Yesterday my PC became unresponsive due to low memory per a Windows 10 warning.  This is not good and deserves priority handling. The only add-on I run is the Server Back up which I installed a few minutes ago.


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Gaspar Filmes

Good after 4 all,


I'm having the exacly the same problem as mentioned here, since updated from 5.0 to 5.1 and its now really frustating, I'm having to use a program called Firemin and point to EmbyServer.exe so that when it rises above X GB's of consumption, it wipes the memory. The problem with this is that when it cleans, it has a chance to crash and just stay in that (circular) load on the screen and not come back until it restarts.


The logs are going from 3GB.


I was very happy with the fixes that came in this version 5.1, but now it is with this huge problem that I have been having 2, 3x per day. Two of my clients have already canceled the service, I'm really living on provisioning to keep myself in that version.


I know that you are having several problems, and thank you for reading my post, we are having serious problems in version 5.1 and 5.2.



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