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HDHomeRun Transcoding on Android TV


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I am trying to watch Live TV using an HDHomeRun Prime, mostly on an Nvidia Shield. Via the native HDHomeRun app, everything works flawlessly. However, when trying to stream in Emby, the transcoding starts successfully and the ffmpeg speed quickly drops below 1x. I have an Intel i5-6600, and the OS is Ubuntu 16.04 Server. I've tried hardware transcoding and software trancoding and just about every configuration in the transcoding setting I could think of (super fast, ultra fast, changing CRF, moving transcoding directory from HDD to SSD), and nothing has worked so far. I have the transcoding issues with streaming on Chrome on my laptop, too.


I've attached 4 log files, one pair of server and transcoding logs from when I was trying hardware transcode, and the other when trying software transcode. Any advice you guys can provide would be great. I'm a happy Plex switcher because of a huge number of bugs with their software lately. I find yours to be far superior, and if you could get this working for me, I would have a family of converts!





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