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Boxset Spines Help


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hey guys i want to create 3d boxsets using a photoshop action i recently purchased,however im having trouble finding spines that i can use that match the front cover,does anyone know where i can find these as i am having trouble using google

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bump these threads:



- fan art seems to want users to volunteer to get it going, collecting images, when they get 500, will open a section for them.



- might just need a reminder.


full covers (front, side, and back) with a standard high resolution size/orientation, spine art can be properly extracted (cropped). Meaning the spine is in the same location of every image, then only using part of the image if only spine is needed. or whole just wrap the image around a 3d object.


perhaps we could get yogi and some other image editors to start up a collection, figure out some standards, and rules ie. scans or reproductions, customs? Custom spines could be interesting with collections but....




but then again...


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