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FR: Server - Create html media list


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MB3 Sever


MCM had a nifty little feature, it could create a html file with a list based on the titles in its database and export it, with information such as title, year, imdb link tmdb link, genre, where it is located on the server j:\folder etc.


This is a nifty little feature, as the files can be uploaded to the net and does not take much space, but can become quite handy if you accidentally loses some or all of your collection, and has to recreate it in full or in part, so you know which movies to rip again or which you should get the insurance company to pay for.


Html list or something that can be read by a spreadsheet (as you might want to sort the data according to drive and folder, if a sinlge drive has gode bad.)


Maybe it can be made as a plug-in?


EDIT: Can't seem to edit the title.

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