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Can not get title away from continue watching


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Hi, i am having a title that i actually watched completely still staying at the "continue watching" list.
In the past i was able to get rid of that by clicking the "marked as watched" button twice, but it is not working anymore.

Anyone else having this issue since the latest server update?
The" continue watching " thing seems to be gernerally a little bit buggy. some movies just aint got marked as beeing watched when i press stop some Minutes before the ending of the movie


i attached a log where i am trying to get rid of the problem by clicking the "marked as wached" twice....


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Hi there, I tested this and don't see any problems. I was able to clear resume state by marking watched and then unwatched.


Tested, no problem found.


Keep in mind if you're playing that particular item at the exact same time then the resume state will be coming back in as the item is playing.

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Hi. Today the procedure worked again for me even though i did not change anything. I guess the Server was thinking that i am still watching the movie. I guess this Problem was caused because i restarted the server yesterday emidietly after stopping the movie somewhere in the middle.



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